About us

Tzeirei Hatmimim
Camp Tzeirei Hatmimim was founded in 5778, in the spirit of the Rebbe’s instruction to utilize the summer months for learning and spiritual growth, while refreshing the body for the year ahead.

Geared to 6th, 7th and 8th graders, Camp Tzeirei Hatmimim was established by Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf, a Mechanech in Crown Heights, and Rabbi Yosef Klein, a Mashpia at Yeshivas Lubavitch Baltimore.

The first month offers a full day program in Crown Heights, where the talmidim are given the opportunity to thrive in learning and enjoy activities, guest speakers and trips in the afternoon.

The second month runs as an overnight camp, in Baltimore MD, where the campers could be immersed in a full camp experience, in a chassidishe atmosphere. The camp songs, the recreational activities and the relationships built, will accompany the children throughout the year.

An important tenet of Camp Tzeirei Hatmimim is to hire experienced teachers, who serve in chinuch positions throughout the year, in order to provide the most qualified chinuch. As a part of the wholesome experience, during the overnight month the campers also have bochurim staff who bring their Tomchei Temimim Yeshiva passion with them, which spreads to the campers.

The camp runs in Yiddish, but also offers classes in English. Many parents have testified that their son joined the program with a minimal command of Yiddish, and saw drastic improvement over the summer, which greatly assisted them throughout the year in yeshiva.

The curriculum, the activities and programs are all directed by Rabbi Yosef Klein, who also handpicks the staff, oversees their work and gives the camp its distinct flavor.
The Camp grounds
During the second month, we will reside at the campus of Shlangers Yeshiva in Baltimore.

The Campus has recently been renovated to a beautiful, state of the art 50,000 square ft. campus building, which houses a spacious Zal, multiple classrooms, a sterile kitchen and dining room and fully air conditioned dorm rooms.

Spread out on over 8 acres of land, the campus includes several tennis courts, a soccer field, Basketball courts and expansive activity rooms for indoor activities.