Frequently asked questions


Below are sevaral FAQ's regarding Camp Tzeirei Hatmimim.
Tzeirei Hatmimim FAQ's
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    Does Tzeirei Hatmimim provide transportation to camp?
    Tzeirei Hatmimim will provide transportation from Crown Heights to Baltimore at the beginning of the summer, and back at the end. If you live in any other location you are responsible for your son's transportation, either to crown heights or directly to Baltimore. Exact times of buses will be posted iy"h.
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    Is there a place in camp where my son can purchase snacks and drinks between meal times?
    Yes, there are several vending machines throughout the camp
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    Can i register my son for only one month?
    Yes. For pricing and registration information, please visit our registration page.
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    What is the registration process?
    Registration is administered by Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf. After applying, the parents will be notified via email whether their son is accepted to the program, as determined by the educational staff. Upon acceptance, parents will fill out the appropriate forms and arrange payment with Rabbi Wolf.
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    How can i communicate with my son while he is at the overnight camp?
    There are multiple phones located throughout the Camp Campus, including near the Zal and in the dorms. The campers will be directed and be given time to to call home. Parents are also strongly encouraged to send their sons emails, as they have a great impact. The emails will be delivered within 24 hours.
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    Will there be a visiting day?
    Due to multiple requests from parents, there will not be a designated day for visiting camp. This alleviates the pressure off the parents and the campers. However, parents are strongly encouraged to make a visit during the summer. The date and timing should be arranged in advance with the head counselor.
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    How much money should I send with my son?
    In order to reduce social pressures, and also to minimize losses due to negligence, we ask that parents send no more than $50 for the month. This should be more than enough for laundry and the occasional snack. If you feel that an exception should be made, please feel free to contact the head counselor.
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    How can I send money to my son?
    There will be a link available to transfer funds to the camp in order to pass it on to your son.
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    What is the system for laundry?
    There are machines available on the campus, which could be activated by inserting coins. The staff will assist the campers with learning how to use the machines and direct them how to wash their clothes.
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    How can I send a letter or a package to my son?
    All post should be sent to: Tzeirei Hatmimim, 3918 Brookhill Rd, Baltimore MD 21215.